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13 December 2013

The Thin Blue Line (1988)

Movie Details : The Thin Blue Line (1988) “Errol Morris’s unique documentary dramatically re-enacts the crime scene and investigation

December 12, 2013

Steekspel (2012)

Movie Details : Steekspel (2012) “During his 50th birthday party thrown by his wife, Remco’s life takes a turn

Ms. 45 (1981)

Movie Details : Ms. 45 (1981) “A timid and mute woman gets raped twice coming home from work and

Cinco De Mayo (2013)

Movie Details : Cinco De Mayo (2013) “After being unjustly fired, harassed by his students and labeled a potential

Ahí va el diablo (2012)

Movie Details : Ahí va el diablo (2012) “A married couple loses their children while on a family trip

Ye habe ghand (2011)

Movie Details : Ye habe ghand (2011) “The story happens in an old house in an old city of

The Crash Reel (2013)

Movie Details : The Crash Reel (2013) “Fifteen years of verite footage show the epic rivalry between half-pipe legends

The Unbelievers (2013)

Movie Details : The Unbelievers (2013) “‘The Unbelievers’ follows renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss across the globe

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